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Practically speaking, a life that is vowed to simplicity, appropriate boldness, good humor, gratitude, unstinting work and play, and lots of walking brings us close to the actual existing world and its wholeness.
-Gary Snyder


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The last known photo of the Titanic before she sank. April 12th, 1912.

[That little launch at the bottom right floated perfectly well.]

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Adolph Vollmy’s woodcut engraving of the 1833 Leonid meteor shower (After Karl Jauslin), c. 1889.

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Vyacheslav Mishchenko - A Magical Miniature World Of Snails


La Grande Bellezza - Paolo Sorrentino

Contemporary danse macabre. Beautiful movie grotesquely referring to great literature, filmography and music. Thomas Mann, Visconti, Fellini, italo disco and Preisner. Film about death filled with passionate aspects of life. Not to mention The Eternal City so beautifully shown.

[This film won’t ever play at the Cineplex Odeon in West Podunk, Kansas? Guess you felonious cinephiles will have to see it HERE Note the links to subtitles.]

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Lie still, sleep becalmed, sufferer with the wound
In the throat, burning and turning. All night afloat
On the silent sea we have heard the sound
That came from the wound wrapped in the salt sheet.

Under the mile off moon we trembled listening
To the sea sound flowing like blood from the loud wound
And when the salt sheet broke in a storm of singing
The voices of all the drowned swam on the wind.

Open a pathway through the slow sad sail,
Throw wide to the wind the gates of the wandering boat
For my voyage to begin to the end of my wound,
We heard the sea sound sing, we saw the salt sheet tell.
Lie still, sleep becalmed, hide the mouth in the throat,
Or we shall obey, and ride with you through the drowned.

Dylan Thomas, from “Lie Still, Sleep Becalmed” (via mitochondria)

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Espresso Tuesday

thursday, good morning lovers

[Damn, my La Pavoni has fried its circuits. Must get it fixed.]


Front row: Man Ray, Mina Loy, Tristan Tzara, Jean Cocteau - Middle row: Kiki,Margaret Anderson, Jane Heap, unidentified, Ezra Pound

[And that’s me in the back row in the derby fondling Kiki & Margaret!]

American slavery may have ended more than a century ago, but the theology that evolved to defend it still thrives and flourishes.

‘Having the goodwill of all the people’ (via azspot)

[Theology = ideology = politics = public policy]

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Bird’s Eye Series No. 1.

Programming Notes: Despite recent contradictory evidence, this is not a bird blog. I’ve just been around a lot of birds lately. Yesterday I joined my sister and her grandsons (my great nephews, age 6 and 11) on a trip to the Sylvan Heights Bird Park in Scotland Neck, North Carolina. The photos in the sets presented over the next few days are from our spring break field trip.

One of the advantages of seeing captive birds close up is the change of perspective it brings. Instead of being merely creatures of beauty - a flash of color in the tree tops - birds up close show off their inner dinosaurian selves. There is a menacing glimpse of theropod ancestry in their eyes. “Fear us,” it says. “Be very afraid.”


Olmec Stone Mask Pendant Depicting A Were-jaguar

[A bit more information, please. Like how old might it be; where is it now housed, who shot the photo, etc.? It’s too beautiful not to want to know more.]

[Jane Fonda demonstrates archer form. She might consider lowering her right elbow in line with the arrow & not leaning back so much, but who am I to criticize?]

[I’ve dropped DropBox because they’ve installed Condoleezza Rice on their board of directors. Kim Dotcom is more my style, so I’m switching to MEGAsync for my cloud services.]

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Röyksopp & Robyn - Monument

Scandinavian pop superheroes Robyn and Röyksopp team up again. This eerie lullaby reveals a new depth to her sound; I hope to hear more along this vein when the EP drops May 26th.

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