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Practically speaking, a life that is vowed to simplicity, appropriate boldness, good humor, gratitude, unstinting work and play, and lots of walking brings us close to the actual existing world and its wholeness.
-Gary Snyder


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Charles Sprague Pearce

Le retour du troupeau”

[I want to be a shepherd boy.]

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Introducing EYES ON THE LINE!

So it begins. Before. All sorts of Franken-cool

A thousand doors ago
when I was a lonely kid
in a big house with four
garages and it was summer
as long as I could remember,
I lay on the lawn at night,
clover wrinkling under me,
the wise stars bedding over me,
my mother’s window a funnel
of yellow heat running out,
my father’s window, half shut,
an eye where sleepers pass,
and the boards of the house
were smooth and white as wax
and probably a million leaves
sailed on their strange stalks
as the crickets ticked together
and I, in my brand new body,
which was not a woman’s yet,
told the stars my questions
and thought God could really see
the heat and the painted light,
elbows, knees, dreams, goodnight.

Young — Anne Sexton.  (via cerasiferae)

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Allen Ginsberg - In the Back of the Real


Allen Ginsberg—“In the Back of the Real”  [Spoken Word]

Howl and Other Poems (Fantasy 1959).

What I understood, and he may have understood, was that the “new physics” was a mockery of the whole Cartesian, Newtonian edifice of knowledge that both he and I had grown up with, in which one thing inexorably leads to another and nothing is going to leap out and poke you in the eye. If the behavior of the smallest particles was indeterminable, then, in some way that he would also have to admit, everything else was up for grabs too. You could spend your whole life making precise measurements, plugging them into equations, repeating experiments, and never for one moment letting your mind drift toward the unseeable and incommunicable. You could be the most sober, straight-arrow scientist in the world, utterly intent on your work and immune to religion or fiction or whimsy—and still, what you’d finally see at the bottom of it all, in the highest-resolution photomicrograph or telescopic image, was a grinning monkey face staring back at you, the face of your own incurable ignorance, if you like, or the face of something infinitely

Barbara Ehrenreich - Living With a Wild God: A Nonbeliever’s Search for the Truth About Everything


People drinking at a family gathering by simpleinsomnia on Flickr.

[I’m the fellow in the middle wearing the one-button vest, an axe over his shoulder, who is hopelessly in love with the wife of the handsome young man on his left.]

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Ancient Roman Sculptures

Photo by Gjon Mili

[The faces on these dudes!]

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John Waters and David Lynch at an LA Big Boy. 


*Forty-four minutes.

Published on Apr 16, 2014

Bruce Sterling’s annual closing rant at SXSW Interactive is always unexpected, invented on the fly, a hash of trends, trepidations, and creative prognostication. In 2013, Sterling focused on “disruption” (one of the big buzz words of the tech world), arguing that disruption is merely a nicer word than death and destruction. What will he cover in 2014?

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I’ve come to realize that the only truths that matter to me are the ones I don’t, and can’t, understand. What’s mysterious, ambiguous, inexplicable. What doesn’t fit into a story, what doesn’t have a story. Glint of brightness on a barely-there chain. Patch of sunlight on a yellow wall. The loneliness that separates every living creature from every other living creature. Sorrow inseparable from joy.

Rebecca Goldstein - Plato at the Googleplex


Road trip?

[These teardrop campers are still being manufactured. A very cool modern one can be bought new for +/- $,4000.]

I miss getting to do this.

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You can live a long time on the leavings of the dead — fossil fuels, which were once the stuff of living things, for example — without ever bothering to think of what it was that died or how long the supply of cadavers will last.

Barbara Ehrenreich - Living With a Wild God: A Nonbeliever’s Search for the Truth About Everything

John Coltrane e Alice Coltrane

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John Coltrane w/ Alice Coltrane - Reverend King


John Coltrane w/ Alice Coltrane—“Reverend King (Written in the Honor of Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr.)”

Cosmic Music (1966; Impulse! 1968).

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