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How public, like a frog
To tell your name the livelong day
To an admiring bog!

— Emily Dickinson


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Russian-bred wolfdogs pulling a sled. These are crossed with Malamute. 

[These guys make my malamute look like a puppy. Where can I get one or two?]

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Eddie Grant Jr. tends his mother’s garden as new condominiums rise along her property line. While Grant’s family has managed to hold onto their land, many other Gullah/Geechee residents have been forced to sell their property due to rampant development and escalating taxes.

A Unique African-American Culture, Hundreds of Years Old, That Could Go Extinct

[Please learn about the development of Daufuskie Island near Savannah, GA.]

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We’re treated like we’re from another country when we go out into the rest of the United States. As an Appalachian in America you always feel as ‘the other.’ It’s such a strange phenomenon. People speak slowly to us. A woman once asked me if I knew who Johnny Carson was because I was from Appalachia, she didn’t think we had TVs. She thought we were illiterate.

Silas House, an Appalachian-born writer and professor of Appalachian Studies (via modernhillbilly)

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Dave “Stringbean” Akeman: wore his pants like that before it was even a thing. Notice though, his pants are tailored to be down that low. 

Stringbean and his wife, Estelle, were murdered in their home during a burglary in 1973. Their bodies were discovered the next morning by Grandpa Jones, who was their neighbor.

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David ‘StringBean’ Akeman - It’s Mighty Dark To Travel


Turn it over and look up

into the sphere of heaven.   
The tracery is lucent,   
light seeping through to write,   
white-ink your face, upturned.   

Swing it below
and it’s a cradle of blue water,   
the sea, a womb.
A mixing bowl   
for Babylonian gods.
Here, they whirl up the cosmos.   

Pick it up and your hands
form a pedestal,
and all who drink
contain the arcs
of body and the universe—
and between them,   

no imaginable tear or distance.

Valerie Martínez, “Bowl,” from World to World (University of Arizona Press, 2004)

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Too-ticky’s Guide to Life – wisdom on uncertainty, presence and self-reliance from beloved Scandinavian children’s book author Tove Jansson via her Too-ticky character, based on the love of Jansson’s life. 

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Randegg in the Snow with Ravens - Otto Dix


[Winter is coming.]

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#volkswagon view #bsailoveyou #dayoff photo by @martycomanche

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There’s a pervasiveness and acceptability in so many parts of the country to tell nasty jokes about hillbillies and other white working class people. We are the only people it’s permissible to speak of in such negative, nasty, degraded terms. Every other group has managed to insist on it’s own respectful treatment so the things that people will say about blacks or Jews or whomever, they don’t say anymore, but they can still say it about hillbillies.

Barbara Ellen Smith, a cultural theorist and women’s studies professor. (via modernhillbilly)

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This is the Last Dam Run of Likker I’ll Ever Make
(Complete Movie)
The original cult classic that made moonshiner Popcorn Sutton famous. Filmed and released in 2002. Remastered in 2012.



Kali Maa

Jai Kali ma

[The Goddess of our era, named after her in fact.]


trying my mediocre hand at paneling

I WORKED HARD ON THIS OK so I want you all to read it

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Huichol woman burns copal incense in preparation for Temazcal sweat bath.Guadalajara, Jalisco,

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Don Hertzfeldt’s The Simpsons couch gag is a wonder.

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